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We offer safe and exceptional treatments to address intimacy issues, such as erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, vaginal rejuvenation, and skin brightening.

Options for Women and Men

Welcome to Brighter Smiles, where we believe in harnessing the power of science and talent to create amazing results. Operating as the top med spa and laser wellness center in Oregon, we offer personalized solutions to tackle even the most delicate issues such as erectile dysfunction, incontinence, and intimate area concerns. Our approach is tailored to each of our clients, with proven results that come in several proven options. We cherish every client who walks through our doors and promise to provide a comfortable, judgment-free zone. We take pride in the trust our clients place in us and are thrilled to welcome you to our community. Let us help you uncover the greatness that lies within you! Connect with us today and start your journey towards the brighter, most beautiful version of yourself.

Brighter Smiles Oregon's Favorite Med Spa and Laser Wellness Center in Eugene Oregon offers Sexual Wellness Treatments

If you want to restore your sexual vitality, one of the  amazing options we have available is Bocox©! 

Our EMS Chair is a unique technology designed for women’s intimate health and wellness. 

Intimate Bleaching is a cosmetic procedure is designed to lighten the skin around intimate areas…

Our PRP O-Shot treatment stimulates and improves areas of sexual response and urinary incontinence within the vagina. 

Our P-Shot procedure is notorious for stimulating multi-potent stem cells, which in turn promotes the creation of healthy and functional tissue.


Improve vaginal and external genital skin without undergoing surgery or experiencing downtime. Book a free consultation with us.

The benefits of the Vampire Wing Lift® extend beyond mere physical beauty, by providing relief from discomfort and restoring confidence as well.

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