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EMS Chair

A Breakthrough Treatment for Women's Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor Muscle Treatment

Pelvic floor muscles are the layer of muscles that support the pelvic organs and span the bottom of the pelvis. Strong pelvic floor muscles are important to women’s health!

Our EMS Chair is a unique technology designed for women’s intimate health and wellness. The EMS Chair offers women dealing with weak pelvic floor muscles a non-surgical, non-invasive solution. It’s like doing 20,000 Kegels in 30 minutes! Come on in, wear some comfy clothes and unwind with your phone or a good book, and let the EMS chair do the work! Call us for a free consultation today!

Brighter Smiles Med Spa and Wellness Laser Center Emsella® Breakthrough Treatment for Incontinence and Confidence in Eugene Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions about our EMSChair Treatment

How does the EMS Chair Work?

EMS Chair utilizes electromagnetic energy to deliver tens of thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions in a single session!

Q & A

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine. There are three different types of urinary incontinence:

  • Stress incontinence is when exerted pressure on the bladder causes leakage. Incontinence can be caused by coughing, laughing, sneezing, or exercising
  • Urge incontinence is the sudden, intense urge to urinate frequently.
  • Mixed incontinence is a combination of both stress and urge incontinence.

Incontinence might result from weak pelvic floor muscles since pelvic floor muscles play an essential role in supporting pelvic organs and controlling continence. In addition, physical changes to ones body may cause urinary incontinence; for example, upper respiratory issues, vaginal birthing, menopause, and aging can affect pelvic floor muscles.

Brighter Smiles EMS Chair offers a viable option for incontinent men and women of any age. Our focus is providing this life changing option to those that wish to get back to a normal life.

When you have your free consultation with us, we will customize your treatment plan. A typical treatment takes about 30 minutes and you will need about 6 sessions, scheduled twice a week.

You will experience tingling and pelvic floor muscle contractions during the procedure. You may resume daily activities immediately after the treatment.

You may observe improvement after a single session. However, the results will typically improve over the next few weeks.

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