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Our Brighter Smiles Eugene Med Spa offers Lip Rehab Treatments. We are experienced with dissolving previous fillers and start anew with a more natural look.

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Brighter Smiles is an esteemed Med Spa and Laser Center located in Eugene, Oregon, that provides top-notch Lip Rehab Treatments to its clients. Our team of experts is always ready to offer assistance and guidance in all aspects of your skincare journey, including fixing “Filler Migration.”

We understand that making decisions regarding your lip fillers can be daunting. That’s why we are here to offer our professional advice and experience to help you achieve the desired aesthetic outcome. The process of dermal filler spreading beyond the injection site, known as filler migration, can cause an unnatural appearance and affect the overall beauty of facial features. Our Lip Rehab Treatments can help you dissolve previous fillers and start anew with a more natural look. Migration can also occur in other areas like the tear trough, jawline, and cheeks where fillers are injected. Our team can identify and treat migration issues, as shown in the attached picture below. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us to discuss your Lip Rehab Treatment options.

Brighter Smiles an Oregon Med Spa and Laser Center in Eugene Oregon offers Lip Rehab Injection Correction Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions about our Lip Rehab Treatments

How does Lip Rehab work?

To remove lip fillers, hyaluronidase injections are required to be administered near the filler location. This process requires using a synthetic form of an enzyme that naturally occurs in the body. The injection procedure initiates the breakdown of the filler, and the dissolving mechanism is accelerated, reducing the time required significantly. Healthcare practitioners have used hyaluronidase for roughly 20 years to dissolve HA fillers in various body parts, including the cheeks and under the eyes. If you want to remove your lip fillers, please schedule a consultation session with one of our practitioners. First, the area will be thoroughly cleaned, and then a topical anesthetic will be applied to manage any discomfort. The treating doctor or nurse will then execute a series of injections into the filler location. The product will start breaking down, and the filler is further fragmented by massaging the area efficiently. After the procedure, you will be given instructions on how to manage your post-treatment care. Within 24 hours of the therapy, the filler will continue to break down, and the session should typically take around 30 minutes.

Q & A

Our team takes great care in determining which patients are appropriate for treatment. To ensure safety and efficacy, we have established guidelines for patients who may not be suitable for our services. These include individuals under the age of 18, those with active skin disease, inflammation, or other skin-related issues, expecting or breastfeeding mothers or women trying to conceive, individuals with medical conditions that lower the body’s immune response, and those undergoing immunosuppressive therapy may be more prone to infection from a skin injection procedure. Additionally, patients currently taking Accutane are not eligible for our treatment. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to patient care, and our commitment to safety and results extends to our selection process for patients.

One of the frequently asked questions about dermal fillers is why they would need to be dissolved. It is important to note that there are several reasons why this may be necessary. These include if the patient is not satisfied with the treatment outcome, if the product has migrated to an undesired area, or if there is a Tyndall effect (blue appearance) that the patient is not happy with.

Additionally, dissolving the filler would be required in emergency situations such as a vascular occlusion. 

It is important to note that patients must wait for a minimum of two weeks before considering additional filler or refilling the treated area. This allows for proper healing and optimal results. We highly recommend following this guideline to ensure your safety and satisfaction with the treatment. Our team of professionals is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the process. Thank you for choosing us as your treatment provider.

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